House Misos @ Kamonegi

By Jaclyn Warren


Jaclyn Warren
Chef Mutsuko Soma of Kamonegi
Chef Mutsuko Soma of Kamonegi

Mutsuko Soma may have mastered the traditional Japanese discipline of making soba noodles, but she is not a traditionalist. She has a rebellious streak, in addition to a sly sense of humor and an unpretentiousness. Soma’s playful house misos are fully untraditional and, besides a sharp savory funk, offer a glimpse into her idiosyncratic style. Through the power of salt and koji, she reminds us that food is fun.

Mutsuko's Miso (listed counterclockwise):

1. Jalape?o-Cheddar Bagel

2. Goldfish Cracker

3. Cocoa Puff

4. Buckwheat

5. Black Garbanzo Bean

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