Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success Foundation is dedicated to combating childhood obesity and encouraging long-term health by altering the way children understand, appreciate, and eat food and by educating and mobilizing the community to provide healthier diets for children. Gracie and Bob Cavnar launched the pilot program in 2005 to lead the way in hands-on nutrition education, and in just a few years, Recipe for Success has grown into the largest outreach of its kind in the nation, empowering more than 3,000 children every month with its signature Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™. In 2006, Recipe for Success established the Chefs Advisory Board, a working committee with Chef Monica Pope as its chair. Through the years, more and more chefs have joined; today we have more than 60 members in Houston and have begun to establish a National Chefs Advisory Board. These busy professionals donate their time and bring their insight and perspective on food to the children, turning on their taste buds and opening their minds to new foods.

The Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education programs, including the Chefs in Schools? initiative, connect with real staying power. They make healthy food fun for elementary students, with hands-on lessons in gardens and kitchen classrooms, during and after school and in summer camp. Recipe for Success is growing exponentially in Houston, working to meet demands from across the country, and participating in the first Lady’s “Let’s Move” project to solve the debilitating crisis of childhood obesity within one generation.

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