“Sound of the Sea”

Adapted by StarChefs.com
Yield: 8 Servings


65 grams sake
2 fresh yuzu
1 fresh sudachi
700 grams mirin
525 grams rice wine vinegar
550 grams tamari
110 grams ‘thin mouth’ soy sauce (usu kuchi shoyu)
10 grams katsuo bushi (dried bonito flakes)
15 grams kombu (dried kelp), browned on both sides over an open flame
Miso Oil
250 grams red miso paste
100 grams white miso paste
5 grams cod liver oil
250 grams grapeseed oil
Pickled Dulse Seaweed
15 grams white wine vinegar
40 grams rice wine vinegar
40 grams water
30 grams sugar
2 grams salt
50 grams dried dulse seaweed , washed in cold water, picked over, and cut into 4 cm strips
10 grams grapeseed oil or groundnut oil
20 grams shirasu (baby eels or anchovies)
10 grams kombu
80 grams N-Zorbit M tapioca maltodextrin
25 grams ice-cream sugar con (dark, biscuity type), ground
30 grams panko breadcrumbs, fried in grapeseed oil until golden brown, then lightly ground
2 grams blue shimmer powder
3? grams brown carbonized vegetable powder
Sea salt
Hijiki Seaweed
150 grams dried hijiki seaweed
25 grams usu kuchi shoyu (‘thin mouth’ soy sauce)
5 grams mirin
1 Japanese lily bulb
125 grams carrot, finely sliced
125 grams onion, finely sliced
75 grams fennel, finely sliced
50 grams leek, white and pale green parts only, finely sliced
50 grams shallots, sliced
5 grams garlic, finely sliced
25 grams vermouth
100 grams chardonnay
250 grams razor clams, purged in several changes of fresh water
300 grams mussels, purged in several changes of fresh water and beards removed
225 grams cockles, purged in several changes of fresh water
1.75 kilograms water
35 grams dried wakame seaweed
20 grams kombu
15 grams flatleaf parsley
Razor Clams
15 grams rishiri kombu
900 grams low-calcium mineral water
40 grams shiro shoyu (white soy sauce)
500 grams live razor clams, purged in several changes of fresh water
8 native oysters
For the Final Sauce
30 grams shiro shoyu (white soy sauce)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Sea Urchins
8 live sea urchins
To Assemble and Serve (per portion)
10 grams sand (from above)
1 level teaspoon fried shirasu (from above)
1 seashell (from above)
ponzu (from above)


"Sand" * This is essential to achieve the sand-like texture. National Starch developed it specifically to increase the volume of dry mixes and to absorb fats and oils to form a light, dry powder. Other types of tapioca maltodextrin don’t absorb fat in the same way.Sea Urchins: *These need to be prepared as near as possible to serving in order to maximize their fragrant floral character.